I’m working, slowly but steadily, on the Dungarees for the Candy Bear. I’ve got one leg knit, but since that really doesn’t look like much, I decided to take some less lazy pictures of Candy. It’s awful outside, however, and our apartment get’s almost no natural light, so I made do with what I had.
What do I have, you might ask? Well, as a college student, I possess a near-empty fridge that works perfectly well as a light box. Ta-Da! I must of read about this somewhere, because it worked too well to have just been an off chance idea by me.


A Jumper

Progress on the Candy Bear flew by today– she officially has a sweater! I mistakenly knit an extra stripe repeat on the front, so I reflected it on the back. Then I realized I was supposed to garter stitch the first 4 rows instead of stockinette to stop the curl, so I fixed both problems with one throw and hemmed the bottom. I think it looks cleaner this way anyhow, so it was all for the best. I did, however, have problems picking up the stitches on the sleeves. I HATE picking up stitches. Because of my inability to do so properly, my sleeves are about a half inch wider on both the front and the back, right and left, then they should be. This leaves her looking a little square-er and stiffer than she should, but I’m hoping it will be less noticeable when I get the dungarees knit. that’s all I have left: the Dungarees. I’m starting to think that I need to download another one of the designer’s patterns. Maybe a boy to go along with this girl? While I contemplate, here are some more progress pictures, taken on the fly while I seamed things together.

Candy Continued

I have a 4 day weekend, and my roommate is gone for all four days of it. This translates to extreme productivity on the knitting front. Candy has officially gone from a zip-lock bag of flesh colored lumps to a pretty adorable creation. She’s still naked, but her body has been built. So some pictures, to show how she made up. It’s all a little  dark, but here’s how she went:

I finished the feet, which felt like an incredible accomplishment, and put the bows on. Cute, right?

I was surprised by how small her body was. overall, Candy Bear is very small, except for her cartoonish feet.

I pinned out the features, then played around to figure out if I wanted to use safety eyes or embroider them. The decision was made by the fact that I suck at embroidery.

I think the difference between her being a mouse and a bear is the eye sockets. Over all, I think I did an okay job, but they relaxed a bit after I sewed her all up, so she’s not quite perfect.

A quick post and a blurry picture

I am so unbearably close to the end of the term that I can taste it- 1 taiji, 2 anthropology, 1 history, and 3 Spanish courses left. The countdown is ticking away. I finished a Candy Foot last night while watching  the American Idol finale, just to see how it would look. I wasn’t very pleased with it last night, but this morning I think it looks rather… well, cute. I’m still a little disappointed that the colors don’t quite match up, but my knitting is rarely perfect. Here’s a picture, which I took while watching an episode of Lost on Netflix (season 2), of the Candy Foot without a bow (or body). It’s a little blurry, but I was really into the episode.My analysis? I bound off too tightly, making it hard for the ribbing to stay folded over correctly. I think for the next foot, I’ll bind off on the size three’s instead of the two’s. If I were to do it over, however, I would have bound off in pattern, or maybe do a sewn bind off.

Tragedy Strikes!

This is what I get for being impatient.

This is what I get for checking the mail obsessively, wishing and waiting.

This might be the last straw. I will guide you through the steps to my mental dissolution.

1. I bought the pattern, after weeks of debating and weighing how much I wanted it Vs. how much I needed it. Need won out. 6 dollars.

2. Upon receiving the pattern, I realized I had none of the materials. That’s okay, I told myself.

3. I began looking at yarn, trying to pick androgynous colors, because this teddy bear was initially meant for my pregnant cousin.

4. I decided I was kidding myself, and that there’s no way I would be giving this bear away.

5. I made myself feel better by pretending that this bear would be a test knit, and ordered pink and purple yarn for the clothes. about 11 dollars.

6. I don’t have the needles for the bear, and neither do either of the craft stores I like.

7. I bite the bullet and buy needles at my local yarn shop. 12 dollars.

8. My yarn comes.

9. I READ THE PATTERN IN GRAMS, NOT YARDS! Huge mistake that’s totally my own fault. I only have half the yarn that I needed. I ignore this fact, and begin knitting anyway.

10. I realize that I misread the pattern twice, and that I needed the clothes colors in both DK and fingering, yet only ordered fingering.

11. They don’t sell the colors I need in DK. Not even close.

12. I get as close as I can in sport, add on two more skeins of bear color, and place the order. 12 dollars.

The yarn came today. It was unfortunate. The colors? They’re not right. The pink is close, or close enough that I’m not going to complain. The sport is a little darker than the fingering, but that’s splitting hairs. The purple however, is what has sent me over the edge. Hyacinth is lavender, and Lady Slipper is lilac. This seems like a small distinction, but they are two COMPLETELY different colors. It’s my own fault, but I’m still frustrated. I’ve considered trying to order a new purple, but I think it’s moot. I can’t properly gauge colors by ordering online, and the next one might be even worse. So I will push forward, and pretend that I did it on purpose.

I’m beginning to grow suspicious that I’m going to need more of the fingering weight, as well. Damn. For your enjoyment, pictures of the color discrepancies. I couldn’t capture it properly in a digital medium, but trust me, it’s there. I’m not crazy, am I?

And the un-ending rain continues.

Sometimes I really miss living in a place with four seasons. It’s been continuing to rain,and  in monsoon intervals. My yarn has yet to come, though I’m hoping that it will by today or tomorrow. I would really like the chance to work on Candy Bear while watching the Harry Potter Movie Marathon this weekend. Because that’s what I do on my vacation weekends– I watch children’s movies and knit.

I finished my practical examination in Taiji today, as well as turning in my written paper. That means, aside from one arbitrary class next Wednesday, I’m done with Taiji for the year. I’m a little sad, because the class treated me well, but it also means that I only have four out of my five courses left to finish. Spanish will be done next Wednesday, Anthropology next Thursday, and both Theater and History finish on the Thursday after that. Then I can go home. 15 days until Summer Vacation starts, and I only have class on 5 of those days. This is the time in the term when my schedule is broken down minute by minute, and I have a very set path of things that I have to get through.

Merlin is doing fine is his happy habitat, if a little lethargic. I think I need to move him farther away from my chair, where there won’t be people constantly standing up, making noise, and scaring him.

I guess with that, I leave another picture. This one was taken on my phone a few weeks ago, when it actually looked like spring outside.

Good Morning, Sunshine!

The weather here has been comically awful. As in Monsoon rains, thunderstorms, tree downing winds, and temperatures that require 3+ blankets. Despite all of this, my sister still called me yesterday and made me hork myself onto campus to walk a 3k for her sorority’s philanthropy event. The grand prize (in my eyes) was $50 worth of yarn, but I ended up with a respectable $20 gift certificate to the local consignment shop.

I came home, and had to prepare for class registration, which is the single most stressful aspect of being a college student. Worse than finals, worse than pop quizzes. You sit there, waiting for the clock to hit 8:00, obsessively hitting refresh, waiting for access to the registration page. Finally it lets you in, and as quick as possible you copy paste the codes to each of the classes that you want, push the button, and hope for the best. about three clicks of the mouse determine everything I do next term.

On the knitting front, I have officially knit all of the appendages on my Candy Bear. I won’t post a picture, because right now it basically looks like a ziplock bag full of flesh colored sausages. Not attractive. But until my next shipment of yarn comes, I’m stuck. So to fill the time, some pictures from around the apartment.

Hello world!

And so begins the obligatory first post.

for my own purposes, this blog is a way to:

get to know my camera

keep track of my knitting

cataloug my attempts into other crafts

do something for myself.

Now, for a picture of my brand new pet fish, Merlin. I’m thoroughly in love with him, and we’ve only known each other for a few days.