Good Morning, Sunshine!

The weather here has been comically awful. As in Monsoon rains, thunderstorms, tree downing winds, and temperatures that require 3+ blankets. Despite all of this, my sister still called me yesterday and made me hork myself onto campus to walk a 3k for her sorority’s philanthropy event. The grand prize (in my eyes) was $50 worth of yarn, but I ended up with a respectable $20 gift certificate to the local consignment shop.

I came home, and had to prepare for class registration, which is the single most stressful aspect of being a college student. Worse than finals, worse than pop quizzes. You sit there, waiting for the clock to hit 8:00, obsessively hitting refresh, waiting for access to the registration page. Finally it lets you in, and as quick as possible you copy paste the codes to each of the classes that you want, push the button, and hope for the best. about three clicks of the mouse determine everything I do next term.

On the knitting front, I have officially knit all of the appendages on my Candy Bear. I won’t post a picture, because right now it basically looks like a ziplock bag full of flesh colored sausages. Not attractive. But until my next shipment of yarn comes, I’m stuck. So to fill the time, some pictures from around the apartment.


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