And the un-ending rain continues.

Sometimes I really miss living in a place with four seasons. It’s been continuing to rain,and  in monsoon intervals. My yarn has yet to come, though I’m hoping that it will by today or tomorrow. I would really like the chance to work on Candy Bear while watching the Harry Potter Movie Marathon this weekend. Because that’s what I do on my vacation weekends– I watch children’s movies and knit.

I finished my practical examination in Taiji today, as well as turning in my written paper. That means, aside from one arbitrary class next Wednesday, I’m done with Taiji for the year. I’m a little sad, because the class treated me well, but it also means that I only have four out of my five courses left to finish. Spanish will be done next Wednesday, Anthropology next Thursday, and both Theater and History finish on the Thursday after that. Then I can go home. 15 days until Summer Vacation starts, and I only have class on 5 of those days. This is the time in the term when my schedule is broken down minute by minute, and I have a very set path of things that I have to get through.

Merlin is doing fine is his happy habitat, if a little lethargic. I think I need to move him farther away from my chair, where there won’t be people constantly standing up, making noise, and scaring him.

I guess with that, I leave another picture. This one was taken on my phone a few weeks ago, when it actually looked like spring outside.


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