A quick post and a blurry picture

I am so unbearably close to the end of the term that I can taste it- 1 taiji, 2 anthropology, 1 history, and 3 Spanish courses left. The countdown is ticking away. I finished a Candy Foot last night while watching  the American Idol finale, just to see how it would look. I wasn’t very pleased with it last night, but this morning I think it looks rather… well, cute. I’m still a little disappointed that the colors don’t quite match up, but my knitting is rarely perfect. Here’s a picture, which I took while watching an episode of Lost on Netflix (season 2), of the Candy Foot without a bow (or body). It’s a little blurry, but I was really into the episode.My analysis? I bound off too tightly, making it hard for the ribbing to stay folded over correctly. I think for the next foot, I’ll bind off on the size three’s instead of the two’s. If I were to do it over, however, I would have bound off in pattern, or maybe do a sewn bind off.


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