Tragedy Strikes!

This is what I get for being impatient.

This is what I get for checking the mail obsessively, wishing and waiting.

This might be the last straw. I will guide you through the steps to my mental dissolution.

1. I bought the pattern, after weeks of debating and weighing how much I wanted it Vs. how much I needed it. Need won out. 6 dollars.

2. Upon receiving the pattern, I realized I had none of the materials. That’s okay, I told myself.

3. I began looking at yarn, trying to pick androgynous colors, because this teddy bear was initially meant for my pregnant cousin.

4. I decided I was kidding myself, and that there’s no way I would be giving this bear away.

5. I made myself feel better by pretending that this bear would be a test knit, and ordered pink and purple yarn for the clothes. about 11 dollars.

6. I don’t have the needles for the bear, and neither do either of the craft stores I like.

7. I bite the bullet and buy needles at my local yarn shop. 12 dollars.

8. My yarn comes.

9. I READ THE PATTERN IN GRAMS, NOT YARDS! Huge mistake that’s totally my own fault. I only have half the yarn that I needed. I ignore this fact, and begin knitting anyway.

10. I realize that I misread the pattern twice, and that I needed the clothes colors in both DK and fingering, yet only ordered fingering.

11. They don’t sell the colors I need in DK. Not even close.

12. I get as close as I can in sport, add on two more skeins of bear color, and place the order. 12 dollars.

The yarn came today. It was unfortunate. The colors? They’re not right. The pink is close, or close enough that I’m not going to complain. The sport is a little darker than the fingering, but that’s splitting hairs. The purple however, is what has sent me over the edge. Hyacinth is lavender, and Lady Slipper is lilac. This seems like a small distinction, but they are two COMPLETELY different colors. It’s my own fault, but I’m still frustrated. I’ve considered trying to order a new purple, but I think it’s moot. I can’t properly gauge colors by ordering online, and the next one might be even worse. So I will push forward, and pretend that I did it on purpose.

I’m beginning to grow suspicious that I’m going to need more of the fingering weight, as well. Damn. For your enjoyment, pictures of the color discrepancies. I couldn’t capture it properly in a digital medium, but trust me, it’s there. I’m not crazy, am I?


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