Candy Continued

I have a 4 day weekend, and my roommate is gone for all four days of it. This translates to extreme productivity on the knitting front. Candy has officially gone from a zip-lock bag of flesh colored lumps to a pretty adorable creation. She’s still naked, but her body has been built. So some pictures, to show how she made up. It’s all a little  dark, but here’s how she went:

I finished the feet, which felt like an incredible accomplishment, and put the bows on. Cute, right?

I was surprised by how small her body was. overall, Candy Bear is very small, except for her cartoonish feet.

I pinned out the features, then played around to figure out if I wanted to use safety eyes or embroider them. The decision was made by the fact that I suck at embroidery.

I think the difference between her being a mouse and a bear is the eye sockets. Over all, I think I did an okay job, but they relaxed a bit after I sewed her all up, so she’s not quite perfect.


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