A Jumper

Progress on the Candy Bear flew by today– she officially has a sweater! I mistakenly knit an extra stripe repeat on the front, so I reflected it on the back. Then I realized I was supposed to garter stitch the first 4 rows instead of stockinette to stop the curl, so I fixed both problems with one throw and hemmed the bottom. I think it looks cleaner this way anyhow, so it was all for the best. I did, however, have problems picking up the stitches on the sleeves. I HATE picking up stitches. Because of my inability to do so properly, my sleeves are about a half inch wider on both the front and the back, right and left, then they should be. This leaves her looking a little square-er and stiffer than she should, but I’m hoping it will be less noticeable when I get the dungarees knit. that’s all I have left: the Dungarees. I’m starting to think that I need to download another one of the designer’s patterns. Maybe a boy to go along with this girl? While I contemplate, here are some more progress pictures, taken on the fly while I seamed things together.


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