Oscar Rabbit has one foot (with sock) and one boot knit. Mistakes of the day:

1. I didn’t realize that the colors for the boots were diferent from the colors of the clothes.

2. When I began knitting, I thought I was knitting the boots, when in reality I was knitting the socks. So the socks are brown and the boots are blue, instead of the other way around. I can live with this.

3. I somehow lost count using my row counter and bound off on the leg about 10 rows to early. I realized my mistake after consulting several pictures, and decided I could not live with this. I picked apart the bind off and knit the missing rows. All is well now.

These things rarely go smoothly, and it is almost always my fault. I don’t read my patterns carefully enough. It says to make up the leg before I sew on the sock cuff, but I think I’m going to sew the sock cuff on first. We’ll see how it goes.

So far the Bunny just looks like a pile of yarn ends, so I won’t update with any pictures yet. Instead, one of my work.


June on the West Coast

It’s FINALLY starting to look like June outside.

So, I’ve spent a solid week doing nothing but complaining about waiting for my yarn to come. Eventually I had the presence of mind to track it online, and found out that it’s in town, waiting to be delivered. So, excited, I went to my room to put together a bag with everything I might need. Unfortunately, I left my needles in Corvallis. After all that time, I can’t do anything with the yarn when it does come, which will probably be today. I’m going to hit the local yarn shop after work, but they don’t sell my favorite brands of needles, so I’m going to have to settle for what they have and hope that they have what I need.

This is the first in what I predict will be many flubs associated with this project. At the same time, however, Nutmeg the Candy bear had plenty of setbacks to begin with as well, and she turned out just fine.

Also: I think I’m going to knit grandma an entrelac scarf for her birthday.

June 19th

…And so the irrepressible sadness of Juneuary continues. It’s raining. Not in a small way, but in a rather large way. In a shivery, color drained autumn kind of way. When I came back into town, the whole world was shinning on me, sunny and warm. Now, 1 week later? Cold, wet, and mean. I have high hopes that we will, eventually, see summer however.

I’m curious as to how the weather will effect the bookstore’s business. Usually at this time of year it’s warm and sunny, with windsurfer’s wives spending their days wandering through the stores on the main street, occupying their time while their spouses and children play on the river. This year, our business has mostly been composed of people trying to duck out of the rain.

My Oscar yarn has not yet come, and if it doesn’t soon I’m going to have to cast on a new project. I’m getting really anxious to play with my ball winder, but at the same time I’m bored with not having anything to knit.

The house is SO cold, all the time. Sweaters, blankets, socks, thicker socks. Whine, complain, moan.

Here are some pictures of the back yard  to back up my claims:


There’s a sprinkler going, and I had cheesecake for breakfast, and the whole place smells like cucumber. I’m home! I also woke up at 6:30 this morning, which is an unfortunate symptom of having a room that gets natural sunlight. I love this house. It’s absolutely filled with giant, leafy plants, there’s always ice tea in the fridge, and there are no noisy neighbors upstairs debating loudly whether or not it would be “Legit” to jump in the pool. I am SO excited to be here. Probably in another month I’ll be yearning for University again, but for now I’m pretty excited to be here.

I ordered the yarn for Oscar Bunny today, as well as a ball winder. I can’t wait for it to come! I want to get started on this project right away. To take up some of the time I assembled a 3d wooden seahorse, but it was immediately taken and put on display, which is the downfall of crafting with my parents around. They gave Nutmeg the Candy Bear due admiration, and mom suggested, as she does with everything I knit, that I enter it in the country fair. Home Home Home. And here’s a picture of Home Home Home.

Foray in to Crochet

It’s more of a slant rhyme.

Because I get unspeakably bored when I don’t have a project to work on, I picked up my (gasp!) hook last night and picked up a ball of that awful cotton I bought so many cakes of and refused to throw out. I kept telling myself that the yarn would be better for crochet, and apparently Internal Me was correct. Most of my motivation was the fact that I’ve officially determined that my summer goal will be to gain a little skill at a craft I secretly tend to look down upon. A secret fact about me: I began my crafting career in crochet, because my mom used to (and still occasionally does) Pull out her hooks every winter and make us scarfs. My goal, in more articulated terms, is to be able to read a pattern and be able to determine the skill level for myself and visualize what it would require. For knitting, this took me a few months of knitting, and a handful of projects that I started without realizing exactly how far above my skill level they were. I still misjudge things occasionally, but after a year and change of knitting, I would say I have enough of a handle to know what I’m doing, but plenty of room to be surprised.

In non crafting terms, I just had the longest conversation with my older brother that I think I’ve ever had. I got hired to work at the same bookstore as he does for this summer, and he called to tell me that I start Monday, and we talked about what to expect, and what to do to succeed. I’ve actually been pretty nervous about starting the job, mostly because I’ve been totally removed from the process of applying. I didn’t apply, in fact. I got a call one day before Spanish asking if I wanted a position, and I said heck yes I did.

Being away from home has had an unexpected effect on my brother and my relationship. We were very close before I left for University, in a ‘We don’t talk about anything personal and mostly play video games or watch TV together’ way. We’re not exactly spilling our guts to each other now, but after a year of mom handing off the phone to him every time she gets bored of talking to me, We’ve developed the ability to hold a real conversation where we talk about ourselves. I think it’s nifty.

Anyhoo, here are the results of last night’s foray. They’re pretty bad, especially the first one, which I did from memory. the second one looks moderately tidier. I wasn’t entirely sure how to change colors, either, which is something I’m going to have to investigate.

Lazy Me

I was too lazy to make note cards for history, so instead I decided to type up my notes. Then I realized I was too lazy to do even that much work. So now I’m just surfing the internet and listening to Taylor Swift. I sold back my books to day and made bank, so I bought a sweatshirt and the Oscar Rabbit pattern, soon to be brother of Candy. I’m waiting for the transaction to clear, which should happen on Thursday, and then I’m hoping to put my $100 of book buy back money in the bank and order the Oscar yarn off of knit picks. So it begins…

Yesterday my sister decided we were going to have a fun day at the Mall in the next big town over, about half an hour’s drive from here. Despite not having any money to spend, I agreed that this sounded like a pretty fun idea. I rushed through my Theater homework, and we got in the car to go at about 10:30. The car won’t start. It’s making “my Battery is unhappy” noises at us. My sister nanny’s a herd of elementary aged kids, and it’s not beyond the realm of possibility that one of them didn’t close their door properly without her noticing. I know for a fact that mom bought my sister jumper cables, but my sister has no idea what happened to them, which is strange considering she’s the most organized person I’ve ever met. We call around, and find a nearby friend who can jump us. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have jumper cables either. They drive to the auto store and buy some while I sit on the couch and watch Disney channel. An hour later, we’re in the car and headed for the mall, writing our car trouble off as a big adventure. We get to the mall, shop the heck out of it, buy some adorable things at crazy low prices, eat mall pizza and icee’s, then get in the car to go home. Car won’t start. This is uncalled for. The battery should have re-charged on the drive here. We flounder around for a while, then pounce on a mom in a suburban who drives up next to us, asking her to jump us. She agrees, and we have the cables in our trunk. Unfortunately, both hoods up, neither party actually knows how to jump a car. as we’re reading the instructions trying to puzzle it out, a guy and his girlfriend walk by, and she makes him come help us. Once again, we’re on the road again, but we know that we have to get our battery looked at or replaced. The problem is that it’s Sunday, and we don’t know who does that in our home town. We call Napa, and they say they sell batteries,¬† but don’t do install. We call Oil Can Henry’s, but they don’t either. about 4 more calls later, just as we get back into town, we find out that jiffy lube can help us out. We drive there, and find out that our battery is sadly and pathetically dead. They replace it, clean our car, and change my sister’s oil, then send us on our way. It was a little bit more of an adventure than we wanted, but we’re glad we got it all figured out.

And because I have no good pictures, I’ll post another from the zoo:

Monster Mash

After finishing Nutmeg, I decided I would take a short knitting break until I get home. About three minutes later, I cast on A Monster Chunk. I’m working my way, slowly but surely, through my Queue. It felt good to check Candy Bear off of it, and now I can check off Monster Chunks, too. In other terms, I had a surprise trip to the zoo today.

We were supposed to go to a museum in the city, but about half way there my history club decided that we would celebrate the first sunny day of 2010 by visiting the zoo, which I had never been to before. SO MUCH FUN! I saw elephants and lions and tigers and bears and giraffes and polar bears and penguins and a whole bunch of other amazing animals. I felt an awful lot like a five year old, but no one seemed to mind. We all had a bunch of fun.

about two seconds after I took this picture, he fell down. It was maybe the most hilariously adorable thing I’ve seen in my entire life. One moment he’s struggling to nibble on some grass, and the next he was slipping, like a dog on roller skates. all of the other animals in the enclosure with him scattered, and he got up and walked it off like it was no big deal. ADORABLE.

Monster Chunk: Complete. Knit with Nutmeg left overs, stuffed with all of the clipped ends I had lying around. I’m working on one in the reverse right now, although on the second I knit it as one piece instead of picking up the stitches. I hate picking up stitches.

Welcome to the world, Nutmeg!

The Candy Bear is complete, and her name is officially Nutmeg.

I really don’t think I’ve ever knit anything quite so impressive as this. She’s detailed, she’s well done (by my standards) and she looks the way she’s supposed to look. At the same time as finishing her, I also finished season 2 of Lost. Two great accomplishments in one night left me feeling pretty good, until I made my finals week to-do list. I have a lot on my plate before I can call this term done with, but I’m almost there. Here are the pictures of Nutmeg: