Monster Mash

After finishing Nutmeg, I decided I would take a short knitting break until I get home. About three minutes later, I cast on A Monster Chunk. I’m working my way, slowly but surely, through my Queue. It felt good to check Candy Bear off of it, and now I can check off Monster Chunks, too. In other terms, I had a surprise trip to the zoo today.

We were supposed to go to a museum in the city, but about half way there my history club decided that we would celebrate the first sunny day of 2010 by visiting the zoo, which I had never been to before. SO MUCH FUN! I saw elephants and lions and tigers and bears and giraffes and polar bears and penguins and a whole bunch of other amazing animals. I felt an awful lot like a five year old, but no one seemed to mind. We all had a bunch of fun.

about two seconds after I took this picture, he fell down. It was maybe the most hilariously adorable thing I’ve seen in my entire life. One moment he’s struggling to nibble on some grass, and the next he was slipping, like a dog on roller skates. all of the other animals in the enclosure with him scattered, and he got up and walked it off like it was no big deal. ADORABLE.

Monster Chunk: Complete. Knit with Nutmeg left overs, stuffed with all of the clipped ends I had lying around. I’m working on one in the reverse right now, although on the second I knit it as one piece instead of picking up the stitches. I hate picking up stitches.


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