Lazy Me

I was too lazy to make note cards for history, so instead I decided to type up my notes. Then I realized I was too lazy to do even that much work. So now I’m just surfing the internet and listening to Taylor Swift. I sold back my books to day and made bank, so I bought a sweatshirt and the Oscar Rabbit pattern, soon to be brother of Candy. I’m waiting for the transaction to clear, which should happen on Thursday, and then I’m hoping to put my $100 of book buy back money in the bank and order the Oscar yarn off of knit picks. So it begins…

Yesterday my sister decided we were going to have a fun day at the Mall in the next big town over, about half an hour’s drive from here. Despite not having any money to spend, I agreed that this sounded like a pretty fun idea. I rushed through my Theater homework, and we got in the car to go at about 10:30. The car won’t start. It’s making “my Battery is unhappy” noises at us. My sister nanny’s a herd of elementary aged kids, and it’s not beyond the realm of possibility that one of them didn’t close their door properly without her noticing. I know for a fact that mom bought my sister jumper cables, but my sister has no idea what happened to them, which is strange considering she’s the most organized person I’ve ever met. We call around, and find a nearby friend who can jump us. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have jumper cables either. They drive to the auto store and buy some while I sit on the couch and watch Disney channel. An hour later, we’re in the car and headed for the mall, writing our car trouble off as a big adventure. We get to the mall, shop the heck out of it, buy some adorable things at crazy low prices, eat mall pizza and icee’s, then get in the car to go home. Car won’t start. This is uncalled for. The battery should have re-charged on the drive here. We flounder around for a while, then pounce on a mom in a suburban who drives up next to us, asking her to jump us. She agrees, and we have the cables in our trunk. Unfortunately, both hoods up, neither party actually knows how to jump a car. as we’re reading the instructions trying to puzzle it out, a guy and his girlfriend walk by, and she makes him come help us. Once again, we’re on the road again, but we know that we have to get our battery looked at or replaced. The problem is that it’s Sunday, and we don’t know who does that in our home town. We call Napa, and they say they sell batteries,  but don’t do install. We call Oil Can Henry’s, but they don’t either. about 4 more calls later, just as we get back into town, we find out that jiffy lube can help us out. We drive there, and find out that our battery is sadly and pathetically dead. They replace it, clean our car, and change my sister’s oil, then send us on our way. It was a little bit more of an adventure than we wanted, but we’re glad we got it all figured out.

And because I have no good pictures, I’ll post another from the zoo:


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