Foray in to Crochet

It’s more of a slant rhyme.

Because I get unspeakably bored when I don’t have a project to work on, I picked up my (gasp!) hook last night and picked up a ball of that awful cotton I bought so many cakes of and refused to throw out. I kept telling myself that the yarn would be better for crochet, and apparently Internal Me was correct. Most of my motivation was the fact that I’ve officially determined that my summer goal will be to gain a little skill at a craft I secretly tend to look down upon. A secret fact about me: I began my crafting career in crochet, because my mom used to (and still occasionally does) Pull out her hooks every winter and make us scarfs. My goal, in more articulated terms, is to be able to read a pattern and be able to determine the skill level for myself and visualize what it would require. For knitting, this took me a few months of knitting, and a handful of projects that I started without realizing exactly how far above my skill level they were. I still misjudge things occasionally, but after a year and change of knitting, I would say I have enough of a handle to know what I’m doing, but plenty of room to be surprised.

In non crafting terms, I just had the longest conversation with my older brother that I think I’ve ever had. I got hired to work at the same bookstore as he does for this summer, and he called to tell me that I start Monday, and we talked about what to expect, and what to do to succeed. I’ve actually been pretty nervous about starting the job, mostly because I’ve been totally removed from the process of applying. I didn’t apply, in fact. I got a call one day before Spanish asking if I wanted a position, and I said heck yes I did.

Being away from home has had an unexpected effect on my brother and my relationship. We were very close before I left for University, in a ‘We don’t talk about anything personal and mostly play video games or watch TV together’ way. We’re not exactly spilling our guts to each other now, but after a year of mom handing off the phone to him every time she gets bored of talking to me, We’ve developed the ability to hold a real conversation where we talk about ourselves. I think it’s nifty.

Anyhoo, here are the results of last night’s foray. They’re pretty bad, especially the first one, which I did from memory. the second one looks moderately tidier. I wasn’t entirely sure how to change colors, either, which is something I’m going to have to investigate.


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