There’s a sprinkler going, and I had cheesecake for breakfast, and the whole place smells like cucumber. I’m home! I also woke up at 6:30 this morning, which is an unfortunate symptom of having a room that gets natural sunlight. I love this house. It’s absolutely filled with giant, leafy plants, there’s always ice tea in the fridge, and there are no noisy neighbors upstairs debating loudly whether or not it would be “Legit” to jump in the pool. I am SO excited to be here. Probably in another month I’ll be yearning for University again, but for now I’m pretty excited to be here.

I ordered the yarn for Oscar Bunny today, as well as a ball winder. I can’t wait for it to come! I want to get started on this project right away. To take up some of the time I assembled a 3d wooden seahorse, but it was immediately taken and put on display, which is the downfall of crafting with my parents around. They gave Nutmeg the Candy Bear due admiration, and mom suggested, as she does with everything I knit, that I enter it in the country fair. Home Home Home. And here’s a picture of Home Home Home.


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