June 19th

…And so the irrepressible sadness of Juneuary continues. It’s raining. Not in a small way, but in a rather large way. In a shivery, color drained autumn kind of way. When I came back into town, the whole world was shinning on me, sunny and warm. Now, 1 week later? Cold, wet, and mean. I have high hopes that we will, eventually, see summer however.

I’m curious as to how the weather will effect the bookstore’s business. Usually at this time of year it’s warm and sunny, with windsurfer’s wives spending their days wandering through the stores on the main street, occupying their time while their spouses and children play on the river. This year, our business has mostly been composed of people trying to duck out of the rain.

My Oscar yarn has not yet come, and if it doesn’t soon I’m going to have to cast on a new project. I’m getting really anxious to play with my ball winder, but at the same time I’m bored with not having anything to knit.

The house is SO cold, all the time. Sweaters, blankets, socks, thicker socks. Whine, complain, moan.

Here are some pictures of the back yard  to back up my claims:


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