June on the West Coast

It’s FINALLY starting to look like June outside.

So, I’ve spent a solid week doing nothing but complaining about waiting for my yarn to come. Eventually I had the presence of mind to track it online, and found out that it’s in town, waiting to be delivered. So, excited, I went to my room to put together a bag with everything I might need. Unfortunately, I left my needles in Corvallis. After all that time, I can’t do anything with the yarn when it does come, which will probably be today. I’m going to hit the local yarn shop after work, but they don’t sell my favorite brands of needles, so I’m going to have to settle for what they have and hope that they have what I need.

This is the first in what I predict will be many flubs associated with this project. At the same time, however, Nutmeg the Candy bear had plenty of setbacks to begin with as well, and she turned out just fine.

Also: I think I’m going to knit grandma an entrelac scarf for her birthday.


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