Personal Victory

My nails are silver, with bright blue cheetah print. These are the moments that I live for.



… I have painted my nails eight times in the last week.

This doesn’t bode well for my trying to eliminate hobbies phase. In other news, I knit today for the first time in a few. There was a wrist injury that stopped me for a few days, but my needles are motoring once again. Sadly, they’re motoring on the same entrelac scarf, which is getting dull. I don’t have anything planned after this scarf, either. It’s almost too hot to knit right now, and I have other things occupying my mind. Some months I’m an obsessive knitter, and sometimes I go a few weeks with empty needles. As soon as something sparkly and new catches my eye I’ll pick them up again.

Catching Up

I’ve been working endlessly on my Entrelac scarf for Grandma’s birthday. I had originally hoped to have had it done in time to enter it into the fair, but I don’t think It’s going to be ready in time. That’s okay, though. So long as I get it done, I’ll be proud. I’m on ball 3 of 5, so I guess I’m about half way through.

Also, I’m knee deep (probably neck deep, or over my head if I’m being honest) in Degrassi right now. There’s a 6 week event going on, with a new episode every night. I’m trying really hard not to spend my money too frivolously, but It’s hard when it’s so easy to shop online. Having something to watch on TV helps cut down on ebay ordered past times.

Dad and I went on an adventure to the aviation Museum, meeting my sister there. It was nice to hang out again, although I’m still enjoying my summer and am not quite ready to go back to school and living with her.

Since I don’t have any good pictures of the scarf, I’ll post a random picture to fill the space. It’s of a car fire that took place across the street while I was at work earlier in the week. Scary stuff!

Tah dah!

The Oscar Rabbit pattern is finished, and from here on he shall be known as Oats the Bunny. My final evaluation?


  • He’s adorable. That’s mostly the pattern, but he’s pretty darn cute.
  • He’s soft. Going for the more expensive alpaca/silk yarn was totally worth it for the body.
  • His seams are nicer than Nutmeg’s were, and he shows a higher skill level.


  • The colors I used were too dark.
  • The colorwork heart on his chest is dumb. Basically if I were to do him over again, I would eliminate the green yarn all together.
  • Spending extra money on the yarn for the clothes did not pay off as well as it did for the Body. I miss the stiffness of the Palette yarn.

For me, the pros far outweigh the cons. He’s adorable and Happy, and I can’t wait to start on ANOTHER one of Mary-Jane’s Tea Room’s patterns. I’ll have to wait, though, because first I’ve been contracted to make Grandma a birthday scarf. I think come August I’ll start on Daisy. I’m itching to knit her frilly dress.