Tah dah!

The Oscar Rabbit pattern is finished, and from here on he shall be known as Oats the Bunny. My final evaluation?


  • He’s adorable. That’s mostly the pattern, but he’s pretty darn cute.
  • He’s soft. Going for the more expensive alpaca/silk yarn was totally worth it for the body.
  • His seams are nicer than Nutmeg’s were, and he shows a higher skill level.


  • The colors I used were too dark.
  • The colorwork heart on his chest is dumb. Basically if I were to do him over again, I would eliminate the green yarn all together.
  • Spending extra money on the yarn for the clothes did not pay off as well as it did for the Body. I miss the stiffness of the Palette yarn.

For me, the pros far outweigh the cons. He’s adorable and Happy, and I can’t wait to start on ANOTHER one of Mary-Jane’s Tea Room’s patterns. I’ll have to wait, though, because first I’ve been contracted to make Grandma a birthday scarf. I think come August I’ll start on Daisy. I’m itching to knit her frilly dress.


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