On my way

I am an impressive chunk of the way through the Presley Cash monster pattern! Here’s my summer queue:

Presley Cash Monster, Malabrigdo Worsted
Maddox Monster, Cascade Cherub Aran
Penelope, TBA
Jerry the Monkey, my own hand dyed
Infinity scarf, knitpicks chroma, Mesa
Multnomah, knitpicks imagination


Wasted Sunday

Well, today basically disappeared into a black hole of knitting and Harry Potter. Late last night I was starting to feel the tugging tendrils of boredom, so I cast on a Tony the Toybox Monster, also from the Big Book of Knitted Monsters. I’m going to run out of patterns to knit from that book pretty soon. Between the color, which I just pulled out of the acrylic bucket but decided I loved, and the pattern, which hit that perfect sweet spot between easy and interesting, I couldn’t bring myself to put it down. This guy was basically knit in one sitting.

In related news, I’ve been commissioned to knit two more monsters, which will be fun. I’ve filled up a basket on knitpicks and am poised to click to purchase, but can’t quite bring myself to do it, yet. Yarn is much easier for me to purchase on a whim. I’m awful at premeditated purchasing. I’m also torn between starting an Infinity scarf, or a Multnomah shawl. Which ever one I choose will probably be my first summer project.

Rock Therapy

So, I’m not ashamed to say I had the worst morning I’ve ever had today. And, because it was so perfectly awful, I don’t feel bad about complaining about it.

Bad things:

1. My computer crashed

2. My printer died

3. My cellphone gave up the ghost, no longer making calls or sending texts

4. I was 15 minutes late for the reasearch conference I was supposed to moderate, and with hand written notes that I copied from memory because my computer was unhealthy.

5. My shoes up and dissapeared (still trying to work that one out…) so I had to borrow my sisters.

6. Her shoes tore 1/2 inch strips of skin off of my ankles, causing them to bleed profusely and ruin my nylons.

7. I had to sit through 7 hours of really long, dull speeches.

Good things:

1. No one even seemed to be mad that I was late, only wanting to know how my computer was doing.

2. the first thing my friends did when they saw my ankles was scream in horror and mobilize a search team to find me bandaids.

3. At least one of the speeches was kind of interesting.

4. Everyone thought we did a good job organizing the conference.

5. I was so stressed about everything else I forgot to be stressed about speaking in front of the group.

6. One of my friends drove me the 4 blocks home, even though it was totally out of her way and ridiculous because it’s such a short walk anyhow.

7. I am now watching Race to Witch Mountain with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, which is the best bad day therapy I know of.

So overall, things could be worse. Because this has been a wordy post, here’s a progress picture of our Cocos! They’re coming along nicely, but we haven’t had time to knit together in a few days. Here are our bodies up against a finished Coco I did a while ago.

Final final

I had my final Spanish final today. When I turn in my portfolio, I will be done with Spanish classes forever. FOREVER. In celebration, a picture from my textbook.

Why is the man in yellow holding a crocodile? And smiling? MoreĀ  importantly, why did the other man open the door for this maniac? The world may never know.

Progress… One tiny leg at a time.

My knitting buddy and I are making progress, albeit slow, on our Coco Monsters. We both have two tiny legs, and have started on the bodies. It’s kind of nice to slow down and pay attention to the construction aspects that I always breeze past, but it’s also excruciating and makes me antsy to start a new project.

Mostly it just brings me back to my sister coming home from college for spring break and declaring that we were going to teach ourselves how to knit dinosaurs. I knew the basics, but she had to sit there and teach me how to kfb, k2tog, and three needle bind-off, which are the exact skills I’m showing my friend. I bet it felt this slow to my sister, though, too.

Here’s our progress:

Mine is the purple and hers is the green. I think they’re looking pretty good so far!

I went on a half hour long adventure trying to take good pictures of the purple Dot monster, but I couldn’t get them right. I think short of going outside, there’s no way to get good enough lighting in our apartment to take the pictures well. I tried, though.

It wasn’t until I saw the purple Dot up against the blue one that I did for my sister that I realized I forgot her bellybutton! I don’t know if I’ll be able to add it in with the yarn I had intended, but I’ll try. I suppose no knitting is ever perfect, though. Right? RIGHT?


I have been on a serious monster kick lately. You can laugh, but I have been dangerously obsessed. In the last month, I’ve knit 6 patterns from Rebecca Danger’s Big Book of Knitted Monsters, and I’m pretty sure that if I weren’t limited in yarn funds, I would knit my way through the rest of it.

Right now I’m teaching a friend who was already familiar with the knitting basics how to work a monster in the round. We knit for about 2 hours yesterday, and so far we each have one itty bitty Coco leg. But we’re making good progress, and it’s nice to slow down and spend time doing everything right for once. I’m pretty sure that the monster kick is going to be interrupted, though, by a scarf that I’ve been lusting after. Yes, it’s May. No, I don’t need ANOTHER scarf. But this one is special. It’s entrelac and lace. And I’ve been wanting to order some chroma yarn from Knitpicks… And I love it already, before I’ve even started.

In the mean time, here’s a picture of a Dot I did. I knit two of these in a row, but this one is for the world’s most adorable 4 year old, so I don’t mind. The picture is from my phone, so it’s not the best. This summer’s goal is to level up my knitting photography skills.