I have been on a serious monster kick lately. You can laugh, but I have been dangerously obsessed. In the last month, I’ve knit 6 patterns from Rebecca Danger’s Big Book of Knitted Monsters, and I’m pretty sure that if I weren’t limited in yarn funds, I would knit my way through the rest of it.

Right now I’m teaching a friend who was already familiar with the knitting basics how to work a monster in the round. We knit for about 2 hours yesterday, and so far we each have one itty bitty Coco leg. But we’re making good progress, and it’s nice to slow down and spend time doing everything right for once. I’m pretty sure that the monster kick is going to be interrupted, though, by a scarf that I’ve been lusting after. Yes, it’s May. No, I don’t need ANOTHER scarf. But this one is special. It’s entrelac and lace. And I’ve been wanting to order some chroma yarn from Knitpicks… And I love it already, before I’ve even started.

In the mean time, here’s a picture of a Dot I did. I knit two of these in a row, but this one is for the world’s most adorable 4 year old, so I don’t mind. The picture is from my phone, so it’s not the best. This summer’s goal is to level up my knitting photography skills.


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