Progress… One tiny leg at a time.

My knitting buddy and I are making progress, albeit slow, on our Coco Monsters. We both have two tiny legs, and have started on the bodies. It’s kind of nice to slow down and pay attention to the construction aspects that I always breeze past, but it’s also excruciating and makes me antsy to start a new project.

Mostly it just brings me back to my sister coming home from college for spring break and declaring that we were going to teach ourselves how to knit dinosaurs. I knew the basics, but she had to sit there and teach me how to kfb, k2tog, and three needle bind-off, which are the exact skills I’m showing my friend. I bet it felt this slow to my sister, though, too.

Here’s our progress:

Mine is the purple and hers is the green. I think they’re looking pretty good so far!

I went on a half hour long adventure trying to take good pictures of the purple Dot monster, but I couldn’t get them right. I think short of going outside, there’s no way to get good enough lighting in our apartment to take the pictures well. I tried, though.

It wasn’t until I saw the purple Dot up against the blue one that I did for my sister that I realized I forgot her bellybutton! I don’t know if I’ll be able to add it in with the yarn I had intended, but I’ll try. I suppose no knitting is ever perfect, though. Right? RIGHT?


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