Rock Therapy

So, I’m not ashamed to say I had the worst morning I’ve ever had today. And, because it was so perfectly awful, I don’t feel bad about complaining about it.

Bad things:

1. My computer crashed

2. My printer died

3. My cellphone gave up the ghost, no longer making calls or sending texts

4. I was 15 minutes late for the reasearch conference I was supposed to moderate, and with hand written notes that I copied from memory because my computer was unhealthy.

5. My shoes up and dissapeared (still trying to work that one out…) so I had to borrow my sisters.

6. Her shoes tore 1/2 inch strips of skin off of my ankles, causing them to bleed profusely and ruin my nylons.

7. I had to sit through 7 hours of really long, dull speeches.

Good things:

1. No one even seemed to be mad that I was late, only wanting to know how my computer was doing.

2. the first thing my friends did when they saw my ankles was scream in horror and mobilize a search team to find me bandaids.

3. At least one of the speeches was kind of interesting.

4. Everyone thought we did a good job organizing the conference.

5. I was so stressed about everything else I forgot to be stressed about speaking in front of the group.

6. One of my friends drove me the 4 blocks home, even though it was totally out of her way and ridiculous because it’s such a short walk anyhow.

7. I am now watching Race to Witch Mountain with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, which is the best bad day therapy I know of.

So overall, things could be worse. Because this has been a wordy post, here’s a progress picture of our Cocos! They’re coming along nicely, but we haven’t had time to knit together in a few days. Here are our bodies up against a finished Coco I did a while ago.


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