The yarn for my lacy entralac infinity scarf arrived! It is absolutely beautiful, and super soft. The only problem is that I’m not done with the Penelope I’ve been working on yet. Seeing the new yarn in front of me encouraged me to knit the ears and assemble what pieces I do have done, but I’m still missing the feet. I thought I could bang it all out tonight, but the worsted gauge is a little tight, and my hands are telling me to take a break. So I guess I can settle with balling the new yarn tonight, and finishing the feet tomorrow.

Here’s a quick picture of the yarn via my phone. It’s too pretty and luxurious for words!


Swap Monster

I can finally post about Penelope now that my partner has received the package I sent! I was pretty proud of this monster, so I’ll cut to the chase and post some pictures.

Meet Penelope the Garden Monster. She likes to hobnob with garden gnomes and inspect flowers. She ended up much smaller than I had anticipated, but that just makes her sweet.

I was pretty sad to see her go, but I immediately cast on a second Penelope to fill the hole in my heart.

Well, Okay.

My mom and I went on a mini road trip today up to a (relatively) nearby lake. It was a bit cold for the picnic we had originally planned, but we persevered. I got a couple of nice pictures of the lake, and we ate some bread and deviled eggs. I love going on drives with my mom. She has an excellent sense of adventure, which I always home to inherit.

I took some pretty adorable pictures of the swap project I just shipped to my partner, but until she gets it I don’t want to post them. I do have pictures, however, of the yarn that my brother and I dyed earlier in the week. It is in the process of being transformed into a Penelope monster right now.

My embroidery hasn’t progressed much since I last posted about it. I took the plunge and ordered yarn for my lacy entralac infinity scarf, so I think the embroidery will be dormant for a while. I thought I was ready to do it, but I have to many fun knitting projects on my needles right now, which is just fine by me.

New Direction

I finished my swap project!  Now I just have to put together an awesome package. I need to go shopping!

Since I can’t show a picture of the swap project, I’ll have to skip together to my new project. I’ve decided that after such a long stint of doing monsters, I’m going to take a quick break for some embroidery again. I like to alternate crafts. I feel like it spares my hands to take breaks, and it keeps me from getting burnt out on one type of craft.

This embroidery came from a booklet of iron on transfers I got at a St. Vincents. The fabric is a mystery. It was a remnant labeled cotton when I purchased it, but it most certainly is not cotton. Not 100%, at least.

The most interesting part of this photo, however, is that it was taken on my brand new phone! It connects to the internet, sends texts, and receives calls all on the same day! All right, so I admit my last phone set a low bar. But this one is magnificent, and I love it.

Working on it…

Still no pictures of any of the projects I’m working on. I want to talk about my swap monster, but I guess I’m going to have to wait! All I can say is that I’ve started, and the results are surprising me. My original plan is going to need some alterations. Until I get up the gumption to take pictures of the Monkey in Progress, I’ll leave you with another Maddox photo:

A quick update

I started knitting a Jerry the Musical Monkey yesterday, but it went horribly wrong. Laddered like crazy. I don’t really have any techniques for stopping ladders except switching stitches around and trying to keep my tension even. I’m starting again today, on different needles. The monkey will have to go on hold, though, when I get to go down to my LYS and by swap monster yarn! The pattern and yarn will be kept top secret for now, but I’m excited to get going. Unfortunately the shop is closed on Mondays, or it would already be a WIP.

Sunshine, for once.

I’m officially home! I’m glad to be here, but it feels strange. I’m ready to adjust already.

In other news, I finished Maddox the Plain Jane Monster a couple of days ago, but in all of the excitement of my sister’s graduation, I forgot to take pictures. I made sure, while it was sunny this afternoon, to take a few before giving Maddox to it’s recipient. My brother ended up taking the pictures, and he did a pretty darned good job. It’ll be nice to have more than the three foot square of natural light in our apartment’s kitchen to work with now!

This one is my favorite. He’s riding the goat planter!

F.O Coco

The Cocos in progress are now finished objects! my friend and I finally found the time to sew them up and add the final touches. To my surprise, she immediately cast on another monster! Apparently I’m not the only one who thinks they’re addictive.

Mine is the purple and hers is the green:

Also, I’m all of the way through the body of the plain Jane Maddox monster, with only the arms to go. So that’s an accomplishment of sorts. It occurred to me when I woke up this morning that mom and dad will be here tomorrow, and I need to be packed and ready to go. And then it occurred to me as I was packing that there’s a lot more work to do than I had realized, because I have to prepare for the fact that my roommate is moving out. So, long story short, I’m super busy today.

Hopefully I’ll have a finished Maddox to show soon, too!

Meet Presley Cash the Pink(ish) Monster!


I think I attached a lot more meaning to this knitting project than was strictly necessary. Knitting him kept me sane for the last week of classes. It was a nice symmetry, considering I began knitting monsters again at the beginning of the term, and cast off on him when I came home from my last class. Anyhow, on to the star of this show:

He sure is a looker, isn’t he?


Yarn: Malabrigo Worsted, Amoroso

Pattern: Presley Cash the Monster, Rebecca Danger

Rating: Pretty cool

This was my first time working with Malabrigo worsted, even though it’s a crazy popular yarn. The colors were just lovely. My gauge was a little tight to really get the full effect of the yarn, but I enjoyed it’s squishyness none the less. The pattern was traditional Dangercraft fare; in other words, it was well written and executed. The pick ups nearly killed me, but I hate picking up stitches off of a cast off row. In the future, I would do a purl row for the mouth instead. After having just finished Tony, I do have to admit that this pattern was very similar, but I enjoyed it regardless. The hands were a cute addition.

So there you have it! One lovely, finished monster who heralds a lovely, sunny summer to come.

Winding Down

This term is finally winding down. The downside of this is that I’m busy, leaving less time to knit or blog. The upside is that once I crest the hill and arrive on the other side of tomorrow, I’ll have two weeks to do nothing but knit– every crafter’s dream! My commissioned Presley is one leg short of monstrous, and my needles are beginning to itch to start the commissioned aqua Maddox. I’ve also queued up a cart full of yarn on Knitpicks to knit Lola the Tearoom mouse from MJT. And an infinity. And I’m still dying to to a Penelope monster… Realistically I know I can’t get all of this done before I start work, but my knitter’s optimism is telling me a different story.

Anyhow, here’s my Presley Progress! This is a low quality picture from my phone, but I’m hoping to do a grand photo shoot with him once he’s complete. I’m feeling like going on a Monster Safari!