Winding Down

This term is finally winding down. The downside of this is that I’m busy, leaving less time to knit or blog. The upside is that once I crest the hill and arrive on the other side of tomorrow, I’ll have two weeks to do nothing but knit– every crafter’s dream! My commissioned Presley is one leg short of monstrous, and my needles are beginning to itch to start the commissioned aqua Maddox. I’ve also queued up a cart full of yarn on Knitpicks to knit Lola the Tearoom mouse from MJT. And an infinity. And I’m still dying to to a Penelope monster… Realistically I know I can’t get all of this done before I start work, but my knitter’s optimism is telling me a different story.

Anyhow, here’s my Presley Progress! This is a low quality picture from my phone, but I’m hoping to do a grand photo shoot with him once he’s complete. I’m feeling like going on a Monster Safari!


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