Meet Presley Cash the Pink(ish) Monster!


I think I attached a lot more meaning to this knitting project than was strictly necessary. Knitting him kept me sane for the last week of classes. It was a nice symmetry, considering I began knitting monsters again at the beginning of the term, and cast off on him when I came home from my last class. Anyhow, on to the star of this show:

He sure is a looker, isn’t he?


Yarn: Malabrigo Worsted, Amoroso

Pattern: Presley Cash the Monster, Rebecca Danger

Rating: Pretty cool

This was my first time working with Malabrigo worsted, even though it’s a crazy popular yarn. The colors were just lovely. My gauge was a little tight to really get the full effect of the yarn, but I enjoyed it’s squishyness none the less. The pattern was traditional Dangercraft fare; in other words, it was well written and executed. The pick ups nearly killed me, but I hate picking up stitches off of a cast off row. In the future, I would do a purl row for the mouth instead. After having just finished Tony, I do have to admit that this pattern was very similar, but I enjoyed it regardless. The hands were a cute addition.

So there you have it! One lovely, finished monster who heralds a lovely, sunny summer to come.


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