Slow Progress

I’m making fairly slow progress on my scarf right now. Well, I say that, but it mostly just feels slow. I’ve knit the first ball, and am working my way through the second, but I keep losing my place and having to frog back squares. I think I’m at that point in scarf knitting where you just want to tuck it in a drawer to punish it for being so dreary. The pattern is fine, but my attention span is short.

I’m already planning my new project! After the unfortunate failure that was my first version of Jerry the Musical Monkey, I’m re-thinking my monkey strategy. I’m going to try him with the blue/green hand dyed that I made in April (May?), and use cream to contrast, a la the Cantaloupe Penelope.

Before that, though, if I get the scarf done in time, I might cast on some dish towels to submit for the fair. That’s just kind of a maybe in my head right now, though.

I haven’t actually taken any interesting pictures lately, so here’s something random. A picture from the road, driving back from the lake.


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