Still here….

I had a mighty busy few days. Wanna know why?

Meet Josie, the newest member of our family! She’s the sweetest, calmest, goofiest puppy I’ve ever met. All she wants to do is sleep on people’s laps and roll around with her toys. We’ve been talking about getting a new dog for a few years now, and in the last couple of weeks we started looking at local shelters to see if there was one we wanted to adopt. We loved her immediately, and she’s now a permanent member of our family unit.

In other news, I finished Harriet the Hippo a good while ago. I’ve been too busy to put pictures up, but here she is!

This was one of those patterns that is just plain magic for me. I really loved working on it, and it came out great. I’ve been showing her off to everyone who comes through our front door. My only complaint was that the pattern didn’t read like traditional Rebecca Danger. It had obviously been re-written by the magazine, and it lost a bit of the Dangercraft Magic in translation. I still enjoyed it, though. The yarn was a delight to work with, as well.


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