Would it be crazy for me to want to begin the beekeeper’s quilt?

It’s beautiful, in the most amazingly weird way. It would be my third attempt (twice failed) at a blanket. It uses sock yarn, so it would literally take me forever. A cursory glance revealed no finished projects on Ravelry except for the designer’s. These are all really good reasons why I shouldn’t start this blanket. I shouldn’t even download the pattern.

These are three really good reasons why I probably will start it anyhow. Over the last two and a half years, I have amassed a reasonable sized stash of left over sock yarn bits. Certainly not enough to complete this quilt, but a perfectly sensible amount. Each of these skeins represents a project that is going to have yarn left over, adding to my stash. The yarns will get to live again in my quilt.  I have this theory in my head that I’ll be able to buy a blank skein from knit picks, and break it into small, dyed portions to practice different techniques. Each of these can be pieces. I can continue to knit socks and sock yarn projects, and they can add to it.

I’m perfectly aware that starting this blanket borders on insane. But I’m pretty sure I’m going to do it anyway.

Here’s another good reason:

My sock summit socks, almost done. I love these socks. I’m half way through the second sock, and I haven’t once dreaded working on them. I see many more socks in my immediate future, after I finish the impending Multnomah.

So, yeah. I’m totally downloading that pattern.


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