I’m going through a phase of crafter’s indecision. What project do I start next? On my needles right now is another lacy entrelac scarf, but I’m not in love. The last one was too recent. I’ve been stalking dangercraft projects again, but I accidentally left all of my patterns at home. We found an adorable little cross stitch shop downtown while walking to our car from the farmer’s market, but I’ve always been so bad at counted cross stitch….
So basically I have an incredible desire to craft, but no real project to work on. I even reorganized my craft area out of frustration! We’re making a trip to Joanne’s tomorrow, though, so hopefully that will kick some inspiration into me. Hopefully.

Because I don’t have any other good pictures yet, and haven’t unpacked my camera, here’s one of the puppy, looking fly:


Mostly Ghostly

I finally finished off my September stitch along project, just in time to have my WIP posted on Feeling Stitchy! Seeing that pretty well made my day.

My Mary Thomas Stitch Dictionary arrived, too, so I’ve been working on a sampler. I’m not sure if I’m in love with it, yet. I’m just kind of going free form, doing blocks of stitches. We’ll see how it goes. I did master the coral stitch this morning, though!

I also got a book full of vintage flower patterns and a sublime stitching book, so I’ve got plenty of pattern possibility ahead of me.

These are my newest colors. I found out that the quilt shop up the street from me sells Anchor, which I’ve never been able to use before. I’m enamored. Also purchased was a fine point water soluble pen. For a long while I considered buying q-snaps, but I decided against it for now. All in all, it’s been a good week for crafting for me.


Finished project time! These are from the Wild Olive Curiouser set, stitched on these neat towels that we picked up at a thrift store.

I’m pretty darn fond of the results. The patterns were super simple and I did it almost exclusively in back stitch, so they worked up lightning quick. I’ve already started on a new project that should tide me over until my stitch dictionary comes and I can dive into the sampler that’s been forming in my head. Here’s my W.I.P:

Picnic Season

This is my favorite time of the year for picnics. We’re past the hottest part of the summer, but the weather hasn’t turned chilly yet. Here’s my picnic photo from yesterday:

We went down to the river and spent some family time batting at bugs and teasing one another. Surprise of the day: Our puppy, who is now around 9 months and weighs about 8 pounds, dove into the fast flowing river and started to doggie paddle! She’s always been a bit nervous about water, but yesterday her attitude was totally different. Thankfully she was on her leash, though, and was close enough to us that we were able to grab her before she was swept away. We learn something new every day with her!

Welcome, Autumn!

Well, as it’s September, I officially deem it to be fall over here. This stitching certainly helps:

I am so excited to start working on Halloween projects! For me, October 31st kicks off the holiday season. This is my favorite part of the year. I loved stitching up this little witch, picking out seasonal colors and trying out new stitches. I was particularly proud of the needle weaving on the tights. It was her two tone hair, however, that first captured my heart. As soon as I saw those pigtails in the pattern, I knew it was going to be a good project.
Here’s a sneak peak of what I’m working on now:

I’m already totally in love!

Guinevere the Giraffe!

In the space of only an hour or so, this:

Magically turned into this beauty:

Meet Guinevere the Giraffe! I had so much fun working on this project. She was pretty quick, mostly because I was lazy and did everything in back stitch. I can’t wait to see her up on my wall!


Work has not been awesome this week. My supervisors are all out of the office, and there is preposterously nasty construction going on that blocks all road traffic to our building. In the mean time, the only way for me to get to work is to park about half a mile away, and walk along the walking path by the river. The view almost makes up for the driving nightmare:

What brought up the work talk is that I had to sit on the phone with tech support for several hours today, and I spent most of that doodling absentmindedly while on hold. I came home and embroidered one of my doodles successfully! I’ll have project pictures tomorrow. The little witch is stalled out until I can pick up the right thread colors.


This picture was taken by my phone, and is now my computer wallpaper. Apparently my phone takes really high resolution pictures.