12 in 12

I’m a really bad blogger. I’m finally admitting it. I only blog when I’m not doing anything else, and when I’m producing a lot of craft projects. Instead of feeling bad about it, I’m setting myself a new New Year’s goal: 12 in 12. 12 knitting projects. 12 blog posts. 12 small accomplishments. My list of projects is fluctuating, and it inevitably will continue. Here’s what I’m thinking right now.

A Blanket. No, seriously this time. It doesn’t have to be queen size or anything, but a nice, complete blanket.

Complicated cable or lace project. I always shy away from them, but I want to push myself a little harder this year.

A nice pair of socks. I feel like I ought to knit at least one pair of socks a year.

A sweater. This one is a bit complicated, and might be taken off the list. The problem is that if I’m going to wear it the yarn has to be nice, but getting enough nice yarn for a sweater is exensive. So we’ll see.

Triangle shawl.

Mary Jane’s tea room project. I love them, but the logistics make it harder to do as often as I want.

A project from one of my magazines. I have so many of them, and never manage to knit anything out of them.

A technique I’ve never successfully pulled off. I don’t know what this might be yet, but I’ll find it and do it. Maybe bobbles.

Finish a crochet project.

Make mom some dishtowels. It’s demeaning that she’s using handknit dishtowels that she bought at a craft fair instead of having ones made by me.

Go to a stitch night at one of the knitting shops.

Knit a hat. In all of my knitting years, I’ve never done a hat.

So there you have it. Those are my knitting goals. They may change, but I will, at least, knit 12 projects this year. Here’s my most recent project, a bulky cowl for Sister.