I have bought a HECK of a lot of yarn in the last few days. First there was Walmart, stocking up on bulky for my blanket project (4/30 blocks done). Then there came a quick stop at Fred Meyer, where they happened to be carrying the new Martha Stewart for Lion Brand yarns, which I’ve decided I really enjoy. Then I moved on to my real goal, Joannes, which, while being slightly disappointing, still took a toll on my wallet. Finally, the Gumball Sale at my LYS was today and I scored 30% off. So really I shouldn’t have to buy any more yarn all term. Right? Right.

On my plate I have a lace cowl, which I would like to have done before going to the beach for mom’s birthday, and a 198 yards of heaven shawl, which will fulfill my 12 in 12 quest of the month. I’ve also joined a Star Trek themed knitting game on Ravelry, in hopes that it will encourage me to be more consistent, and more diverse, in my project production. I’ve been on a very serious knitting kick in the last week or so. I’m leaving to go back to school tomorrow, and my first goal is to tidy up the knitting tower, specifically the stash bins. I would like, before the term is over, to buy a set of prettier bins for my yarn storage.

This is the scarf my brother demanded that I knit. He picked out the yarn, drew me what he wanted, and I searched for a similar pattern. I ended up on the Slotted Scarf pattern, lengthening the edges. His took me a week, but the version I knit for mom only took a couple of hours to knit through.

Another goal for this term is to take better project pictures. I’m pushing my little camera to its limits as it is, so what I really need to do is find a better way to light my photo space, or go somewhere with more natural light.