Oh! Citron Time!

I completely forgot to post pictures of the finished Citron scarf!! I love it, utterly and completely. I was worried at first that it wouldn’t be large enough to function as anything really wearable, but it ties together into a nice little scarf, and If I had a shawl pin it would function well in that capacity, too. I took more pictures of this project than I really needed to, just because there was a bit of sun and I kept trying to get the colors right.






I’m in love with it.


Out of Character

My initial inklings that something was off about the Saroyan were correct. I thought it was just a question of how much I wanted to increase, but it ended up being an issue of whether I actually wanted to knit it at all. It’s not that I didn’t like the pattern, or the yarn, but something just wasn’t working. When I have to bribe myself to finish the repeat there’s definitely something wrong. Instead of frogging it, though, I just put it away on the needles. I may pick it up again, and if I do, I’ll have half a scarf’s worth of progress to work off of.

It’s a little out of character for me to start a second project while still working on the first (which makes me a weird knitter, but I hate having multiple works in progress). I cast on a new thing anyway, though, because I really wanted to knit. It’s a severely adapted version of the Old Shale pattern, worked sideways to attach together into a cowl, and done in stripes of the handspun that I got a while back from a friend. I’m pretty fond of what’s shaping up already.

It’s a lot more entertaining than the Saroyan, at any rate.


I’m having a bit of a knitter’s dilemma.

Yesterday I cast on a Saroyan scarf. The yarn is the most perfect shade of blue, the repeats are easy but interesting, and it’s moving along at a swift enough clip to keep me engaged. This pattern and yarn combo is great. The problem is me. I’m indecisive.

I can’t decide if I want to keep increasing, or follow the pattern as written. The scarf is a bit narrow for my taste as it stands, but I’m worried about running out of yarn, or it looking weird, or taking forever because of my extra repeats. So instead I keep staring at it, checking it every few minutes, seeing if I’ve made my mind up yet. I haven’t. I’m conflicted.


Also, I took my Citron off of the blocking boards today. I don’t know what to think about it. I might love it more after I finish a photoshoot, or figure out a single normal way that I could wear it. Again, I’m conflicted. I can’t actually decide whether I like the finished product or not. I snapped this photo with my phone right after setting it to block. I haven’t gotten any action shots of it, yet.


The Quality of Progress

I’ve been making progress on my twelve in twelve pledge! The blanket is coming along one square at a time, and I’m not bored of it yet. I bought all of the yarn that I need in order to finish it, so now I just have to work blocks in between my other projects. I knit a shawl, which is on the blocking boards right now. I knit doing a complicated lace pattern off of a chart, and I knit a cabled hat from a chart. My lace skills have been improving by leaps and bounds. Here’s a review of my most recently finished projects:

ImageThis was my complicated lace. The scalloped button edge was intimidating, but it turned out just fine. I’m in love with the Picot edging, too.

ImageThis is an entrelac scarf (another one) that I’ll probably never wear. I cast it on so that I would have something nice to do over vacation, and it provided me plenty of car time entertainment. The yarn is a little scratchy, though, and I don’t really care for the color changes.

ImageA second version of the red lace scarf, which took me forever to finish. I knit it for a friend.

ImageAn Elephante. I’ve been wanted to knit one since I became a knitter, but never really got around to it. I’ve had this yarn forever, too, left over from one of my very first ravelry projects. It kind of felt like coming full circle as a knitter.

ImageAnd my latest finished project, the brambles beret. This is another one that I’ll probably never wear, just because I’m not a huge hat person. I loved working on it, though. I got a lot of satisfaction from working my way through the chart, something I told myself I’d never be able to do. I really, really love the finished product.


My citron is on the blocking boards, and a Saroyan is up next, after I finish another blanket square. I’ve been a pretty productive knitter lately, but it’s time to start working through some of my stashed yarns, and making some more progress on the blanket.