Out of Character

My initial inklings that something was off about the Saroyan were correct. I thought it was just a question of how much I wanted to increase, but it ended up being an issue of whether I actually wanted to knit it at all. It’s not that I didn’t like the pattern, or the yarn, but something just wasn’t working. When I have to bribe myself to finish the repeat there’s definitely something wrong. Instead of frogging it, though, I just put it away on the needles. I may pick it up again, and if I do, I’ll have half a scarf’s worth of progress to work off of.

It’s a little out of character for me to start a second project while still working on the first (which makes me a weird knitter, but I hate having multiple works in progress). I cast on a new thing anyway, though, because I really wanted to knit. It’s a severely adapted version of the Old Shale pattern, worked sideways to attach together into a cowl, and done in stripes of the handspun that I got a while back from a friend. I’m pretty fond of what’s shaping up already.

It’s a lot more entertaining than the Saroyan, at any rate.


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