All Kinds of Time

Finals are always a weird adjustment for me. After 10 weeks of GOGOGO, I finally get to stop, study at my own pace, and turn things in at my leisure. Only a liberal arts student would call finals week leisurely. It also results in a lot of spare knitting time for me.


After flitting off with whatever project caught my fancy for the last 3 months, I’m finally returning to The Unending Blanket. I have something like 12 squares left to knit. Really, it would have stayed in it’s neat little tub if I had been able to think of any other projects worth starting. Every now and then I run into this knitting wall, this lack of creativity. I find that no patterns tickle me, and no yarns can entice my needles. So it’s back to the blanket I go.

I’ve also checked out a huge bag of knitting books and books about knitting to help ease the Stitcher’s block. I just finished the first Mason Dixon Knitting Book, which was an afternoon’s worth of entertainment. It made me want to knit log cabin patterns and miles of garter stitch. Next in the Pile is Knitlit Vol. 3.


Here are two of my most recent finished projects, Tuppy Von Monster (who grabbed me suddenly with a passion for fair isle) and the Feather and Fan cowl I semi-designed (which had been stewing in my head for a while).


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