I’ve run into a bit of a problem.

Honestly, I should have seen it coming. The first indicator should have been when I reached into the bin where all of the blanket equipment is stashed and came back out with only 2 balls of yarn. “I’m almost done!” I thought.

The next karmic tip was when I bragged to my sister about being so close to finished.

Tweets like, “I knit 2 blanket squares today! This project is starting to go from soul crushingly endless to possibly manageable,” and, “Knitknitknit. 2.5 squares left until I’m done with the endless blanket. BAM.” should have been another hint.

None of this managed to get through to me, though, and today, after finishing my final square, I laid everything out to find this:

I’m missing three blocks. Now, two blocks I could understand. Two blocks could be explained by just buying one less ball than I thought I did, or something similar. But three blocks? How did that happen?! I laid it all out last week, and everything was right on track. Hubris was my downfall. I felt so pleased about being nearly done that I started complimenting myself on a job well done, and this is how the knitting fates rewarded me. Well deserved.

The problem is, the yarn that I picked, the damned yarn that defies all gauge and weight, that despite being an established line from a reputable company has no two colors capable of appealing coordination, is really hard to find in my town. The stores that I bought it from initially have stopped carrying the line. The last time I visited home I stocked up, buying what I thought was everything I needed, specifically so that I wouldn’t run into this problem. Now I’m grumbling, despairing, and glaring at the stack of squares that I promised myself I would start blocking today.

Admit it: you’d be grumpy, too.


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