I’ve been on a bit of a knitting spree lately. I have a million projects lined up, and I want to do them all at once! Taking things one at a time makes me more apt to actually finish things though, so I’m trying to go slow. My latest accomplishment was the two-toned scarf that I finally finished.

Meet the epitome of slow. It very nearly killed me to work this endless stockinette in lace weight, but the results are lovely and soft and worth the torture. I cast on 200 stitches, worked for 45 rows in the yellow, switched to the lavender, worked for 45 more rows, and cast off loosely. I blocked it scalloped on a whim, but I like the look. I’ve also finished two danger craft critters for my sister to give as Christmas presents, and now have a little cowl on my needles. Progress on my queue is being made!




Done with the Holden! I’m a little bit in love. I did, in the end, run out of yarn, but I made it through the last lace repeat before then (after cutting out 2 rows of stockinette, just to be safe). I did the last garter rows and the picot bind off in some handspun black left over from the monochoromatic waves cowl.


I wasn’t entirely sure that I would survive the bindoff. I bound off for hours, until my hands were numb and the sight of the little shark toothed picots made my blood pressure rise. But I got through it, and I love the results. I’m a fan. The pattern was easy and interesting, and it blocked out very well. The whole project was a joy. I’ve already started my next shawl!