Traveling Sock Love

Dear sock #2,

We’ve had a good time together. I started you swept up with the elated enthusiasm that came when I finished your mate. You were cast aside for a while, like so many other projects before you. I only afforded you a row or two at a time in between surfing pictures of other socks, scoping out my next project. I see now that this may have been hurtful, but you stuck with me, and we got through this phase.

When I turned your heel, I knew that something special was about to happen. You were wonderful, just at the perfect, no-chart-needed stage for travel. We were about to go on an adventure. As I worked on you in the car, I could see you were dubious. Then the magic happened:



You met the beach, and I’m pretty sure you liked it. This was only the beginning. Thank you, Sock#2, for keeping me company on vacation and being such a good traveling companion. Now it’s time I repay the favor and finish you up, giving you that Kitchner toe you so rightly deserve.





Here are some more pics of your epic voyage:









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