Rosamund, my Rosamund

It started early in February. After lots of discussion, many Favorited projects, and procrastination, I bought the Rosamund Pattern from Interweave, deciding that I would finally start my first sweater. I’ve admired cardigans. I’ve lusted after pullovers. But I never thought that I would have the gumption to finish one. Caught up in the snowball of sweater enthusiasm, I got the yarn. I tweeted my progress obsessively:

Feb. 23: I’m about to swatch my first sweater. Eek!

Feb. 25: My sweater and I are almost to the second button hole. We’re very excited about this.

Mar. 8: My first knit sweater officially has armholes, and fits (so far)! I’ve never been a prouder crafter.

From here things progressed more quickly:

Mar. 16: 7 more inches! My sweater is almost done!

Mar. 18: Less than an inch left on my sweater, but I have to go to my morning final. Responsibility to my GPA trumps responsibility to my yarn.

Finally, on March 19th, I cast off the second sleeve and did a little happy dance around my apartment, taking pictures of  it and sending them to everyone I knew. Over Spring break, I bought buttons and sewed them on, then took a whole slew of photos. I am officially a knitter, and I can hardly contain myself!



2 thoughts on “Rosamund, my Rosamund

  1. I like your sweater! I tried to do one myself, but it came out way too large and heavy after I’ve stitched the pieces together. So I had to undo it. I will give it another go though! Great blog! Love your socks! Greetings from Latvia!

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