Halfway Point

The first Rumpled! sock is finished!

SAMSUNGI’ve already cast on the second, and am starting to see dancing sugar plums of what projects are going to follow this one. Just a quick sock to go until I’m done! I have some hand dyed that I did around this time last year that I’m quite fond of, but have never been able to find a project for. I think they’re going to be next on my list.



This is why socks are so much fun! You get the thrill of accomplishment after finishing one, and then you get to start over and begin again!



Socks On The Move

Rumpled! sock #1 and I went on a little day trip today:

SAMSUNGIt has been astonishingly beautiful here lately, so on our first day off my sister and I packed up and went to the beach. I don’t mind a little bit of sand on my sock for the opportunity to spend some time knitting by the ocean side, making progress in the sun. Sock #1 is almost done, and just needs its toe to be finished up. After that comes sock #2, but from there it’s up in the air. I might start work on a pretty little scarf I’ve been dreaming about, or dive in to my next sweater. There’s a fair chance that it’ll be yet another pair of socks, as I can’t really seem to get over them. I’ve got the bug, and I’ve got it bad.

SAMSUNGI went from here to being ready to start the toe in about a night. It’s always a good sign when project progress goes too quickly to capture on camera, but I’m worried that I’m going to slow down when it comes to working sock #2. Will this pattern stay enchanting? Will I keep finding new things about it to love? Or will I peter out, and start complaining about how I can’t wait for the ride to be over? It could go either way. Right now, I have a toe, some fudge, and some TV to work through. Wish me luck!



Dedicated Progress

Rumpled! sock #1 and I are making slow but steady progress with one another. Usually when a project feels slow it drives me crazy, making me itch for something new and exciting, but the fiddly nature of this sock doesn’t really bother me so much. The stitch has become seriously fun to work, and it’s easy enough to be soothing while intricate enough to keep me going.

SAMSUNGBecause I know it can be a little dull to watch slow progress take shape on a sock (though riveting to me), I snapped a few pictures of my hexipuff progress, too! I’m about 2/3’s of the way done with the pillow top, and it’s become a bit of an eclectic color combo.

SAMSUNGI’m in love with each individual puff. This project is so satisfyingly addictive. I knit a puff or two in between every project, sometimes more, sometimes less. There’s a fair collection of sock yarn bits and bobs building up in my stash now, which just makes me want to go into puff production even more. I’m in no hurry to finish, though, and am content to stash them around the house and admire them like art.

SAMSUNGI’m going to have to come up with a new storage solution soon, however, as they seem to be overflowing the pretty little bowl they’ve been housed in up until now.


Knit and Crochet blog week #3 and #4:

Day three asked me who inspires me to craft. My answer to this is pretty simple: designers. I love when different designers have their own aesthetic, and you can tell by looking at a pattern who was behind it. The quirks of design that become individual signatures are what enchants me about patterns.

Day four questions my favorite colors, but this one doesn’t have just one answer for me. I go through color phases, were I fall in love with a color and then can’t stand it. I’ve been through my purple phases, pinks, bright reds and dark greens. For a while now I’ve been very obsessed with what I’ve always considered “my” colors; the ruby reds and earthy browns that I always feel are most complementary to my coloring. My actual Ravelry breakdown says I’ve knit:

Red: 13% (14/105)

Blue: 20% (21/105)

Purple: 19%  (20/105)

Green:10% (11/105)

Yellow: 7% (8/105)

Pink: 12% (13/105)

Brown: 14% (15/105)

Grey/black/white: 12% (13/105)

This works out to more than 100% because some projects have more than one prominent color. The number of blue projects surprised me! I didn’t realize that I used it so often, many times to compliment or contrast another color. Interesting!



Knit and Crochet Blog Week, days 1 and 2

I just found out about Knit and Crochet Blog Week, and I love the idea! New inspiration is always fun for bloggers, I think, and it’s nice to be a little introspective about who I am as a crafter.

The first day’s topic asked what kind of knitter I was: the industrious bee, the comfortable manatee, the flashy peacock, or the fun loving monkey. I see elements of all of these houses within myself. I do work through projects quickly like the bee, and seek challenges like the monkey, but I like to focus on one project at a time. Embellishments and details are fun for me, but I’m not a perfectionist like the peacock would suggest. Taking all of this into account, I would categorize myself as a manatee:

My favorite part of knitting is the comfort I get from it. Spending hours at a time stitching something with care and attention for someone important to me is a large part of what draws me to the craft. As for the prompt for day 2, what project most represents this house, I went with something warm and cozy, simple but beautiful, and waiting to be stitched with love for someone worthy:

The Earl Grey sock by the Yarn Harlot! I really feel that these epitomize all of the reasons why I love being a knitter. What type of crafter are you? Do you feel like a combination, too?

On My Needles This Morning

We have had an unprecedented streak of sunshine, and it just makes me all the more willing to work on these happy, delightful socks:


Rumpled! by Alice Yu, in a mystery wool pulled from my stash. Many of the projects in this pattern are sunny yellows, but I’m considering these a warm rose gold. The stitch pattern drove me crazy at first, but I modified the decreases to make them more manageable (less painful and irritating), which has made them good fun to work on. I’m to the heel flap, which I’m modifying to be plain knit, instead of slip stitched. Slip stitch heels make me cringe. All in all, I’m loving these socks, and we’re at a very zen place in our relationship right now.

My eyes have been wandering a bit, though, and I keep having to ban myself from Ravelry. A good friend just found out that she’s having a girl, and I have the most perfect hank of Mal Worsted in my stash that I keep imagining as a darling sweater/headband combo.  I’m a fickle knitter, I guess, but I’m sticking firmly to my one project at a time mantra. If anything can tempt me from that, however, it’s bitty baby headbands with big crochet flowers and adorable buttons and… Oh, my. This might be harder than I thought!


It’s a Sock Obsession

I can’t seem to put my sock needles down.

stash sock

I don’t even know when this one happened. It’s like it just appeared, leaping off of my needles and into my blocking basket. Size 1’s, Yarn Harlot’s basic sock recipe. If I were to do the pattern again, I would do it on a circular needle. There doesn’t seem to be any cure to my ladders. Twisting my stitches, moving them around, nothing seems to consistently give me the look I want. I’m resigned to the fact that plain knit socks are just going to have to be knit magic loop style or on an itty bitty circ to meet my standards.


These are the real prize, though. Alice Yu’s Shur’tugal, in Tosh Light. I’m in love. They became so soft after blocking that they’ve transformed into the ultimate luxury sock for me, which is undeniably a phrase that only knitters use. The stitch pattern was a bit fiddly, though easy enough to memorize, and the socks went quickly. I think I’m developing a bit of an obsession. A sick sock obsession. I’ve already lined up another dozen patterns that I want to knit, and I keep drooling over beautiful sock yarns.  At least the more socks I knit, the larger my beekeeper’s quilt will get! I’ve already knit 2 hexipuffs with the left over green yarn. Hopefully more finished sock projects will inspire me to knit more!

Starting to see a pattern here…

After a rare (and fleeting, apparently) glimpse of the sun, I finally got finished pictures of the traveling socks:


I’ve been wearing them all over the place since finishing them. I love socks. I love that I get to repeat the pattern immediately, which seems to be my natural inclination anyway. I love that you can work them in parts. I love that they’re portable, and not heavy like my sweater was. Right now all of the patterns that I can’t wait to knit are socks, and all of the yarn that I’m lusting after is fingering weight. Call it a fad. I’m sure I’ll move on soon enough. In the mean time, though, apparently there’s one particular type of sock that I love above all others:


Green ones. I’m starting to sense a pattern forming.