It’s a Sock Obsession

I can’t seem to put my sock needles down.

stash sock

I don’t even know when this one happened. It’s like it just appeared, leaping off of my needles and into my blocking basket. Size 1’s, Yarn Harlot’s basic sock recipe. If I were to do the pattern again, I would do it on a circular needle. There doesn’t seem to be any cure to my ladders. Twisting my stitches, moving them around, nothing seems to consistently give me the look I want. I’m resigned to the fact that plain knit socks are just going to have to be knit magic loop style or on an itty bitty circ to meet my standards.


These are the real prize, though. Alice Yu’s Shur’tugal, in Tosh Light. I’m in love. They became so soft after blocking that they’ve transformed into the ultimate luxury sock for me, which is undeniably a phrase that only knitters use. The stitch pattern was a bit fiddly, though easy enough to memorize, and the socks went quickly. I think I’m developing a bit of an obsession. A sick sock obsession. I’ve already lined up another dozen patterns that I want to knit, and I keep drooling over beautiful sock yarns.  At least the more socks I knit, the larger my beekeeper’s quilt will get! I’ve already knit 2 hexipuffs with the left over green yarn. Hopefully more finished sock projects will inspire me to knit more!


2 thoughts on “It’s a Sock Obsession

  1. I have the Socktopus book and I love it, but I need to say that your Shur’tugal socks are not only awesome but a far clearer picture of the actual pattern then what is shown in the book. I might just have to add that sock to my queue now 😀

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