On My Needles This Morning

We have had an unprecedented streak of sunshine, and it just makes me all the more willing to work on these happy, delightful socks:


Rumpled! by Alice Yu, in a mystery wool pulled from my stash. Many of the projects in this pattern are sunny yellows, but I’m considering these a warm rose gold. The stitch pattern drove me crazy at first, but I modified the decreases to make them more manageable (less painful and irritating), which has made them good fun to work on. I’m to the heel flap, which I’m modifying to be plain knit, instead of slip stitched. Slip stitch heels make me cringe. All in all, I’m loving these socks, and we’re at a very zen place in our relationship right now.

My eyes have been wandering a bit, though, and I keep having to ban myself from Ravelry. A good friend just found out that she’s having a girl, and I have the most perfect hank of Mal Worsted in my stash that I keep imagining as a darling sweater/headband combo.  I’m a fickle knitter, I guess, but I’m sticking firmly to my one project at a time mantra. If anything can tempt me from that, however, it’s bitty baby headbands with big crochet flowers and adorable buttons and… Oh, my. This might be harder than I thought!



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