Dedicated Progress

Rumpled! sock #1 and I are making slow but steady progress with one another. Usually when a project feels slow it drives me crazy, making me itch for something new and exciting, but the fiddly nature of this sock doesn’t really bother me so much. The stitch has become seriously fun to work, and it’s easy enough to be soothing while intricate enough to keep me going.

SAMSUNGBecause I know it can be a little dull to watch slow progress take shape on a sock (though riveting to me), I snapped a few pictures of my hexipuff progress, too! I’m about 2/3’s of the way done with the pillow top, and it’s become a bit of an eclectic color combo.

SAMSUNGI’m in love with each individual puff. This project is so satisfyingly addictive. I knit a puff or two in between every project, sometimes more, sometimes less. There’s a fair collection of sock yarn bits and bobs building up in my stash now, which just makes me want to go into puff production even more. I’m in no hurry to finish, though, and am content to stash them around the house and admire them like art.

SAMSUNGI’m going to have to come up with a new storage solution soon, however, as they seem to be overflowing the pretty little bowl they’ve been housed in up until now.


Knit and Crochet blog week #3 and #4:

Day three asked me who inspires me to craft. My answer to this is pretty simple: designers. I love when different designers have their own aesthetic, and you can tell by looking at a pattern who was behind it. The quirks of design that become individual signatures are what enchants me about patterns.

Day four questions my favorite colors, but this one doesn’t have just one answer for me. I go through color phases, were I fall in love with a color and then can’t stand it. I’ve been through my purple phases, pinks, bright reds and dark greens. For a while now I’ve been very obsessed with what I’ve always considered “my” colors; the ruby reds and earthy browns that I always feel are most complementary to my coloring. My actual Ravelry breakdown says I’ve knit:

Red: 13% (14/105)

Blue: 20% (21/105)

Purple: 19%  (20/105)

Green:10% (11/105)

Yellow: 7% (8/105)

Pink: 12% (13/105)

Brown: 14% (15/105)

Grey/black/white: 12% (13/105)

This works out to more than 100% because some projects have more than one prominent color. The number of blue projects surprised me! I didn’t realize that I used it so often, many times to compliment or contrast another color. Interesting!




5 thoughts on “Dedicated Progress

  1. Love the socks! I know what you mean about slow going projects, a newer, more challenging project nearly always wants to line jump to the top of the queue. Thanks for reading and sharing!

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