Socks On The Move

Rumpled! sock #1 and I went on a little day trip today:

SAMSUNGIt has been astonishingly beautiful here lately, so on our first day off my sister and I packed up and went to the beach. I don’t mind a little bit of sand on my sock for the opportunity to spend some time knitting by the ocean side, making progress in the sun. Sock #1 is almost done, and just needs its toe to be finished up. After that comes sock #2, but from there it’s up in the air. I might start work on a pretty little scarf I’ve been dreaming about, or dive in to my next sweater. There’s a fair chance that it’ll be yet another pair of socks, as I can’t really seem to get over them. I’ve got the bug, and I’ve got it bad.

SAMSUNGI went from here to being ready to start the toe in about a night. It’s always a good sign when project progress goes too quickly to capture on camera, but I’m worried that I’m going to slow down when it comes to working sock #2. Will this pattern stay enchanting? Will I keep finding new things about it to love? Or will I peter out, and start complaining about how I can’t wait for the ride to be over? It could go either way. Right now, I have a toe, some fudge, and some TV to work through. Wish me luck!




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