Knitting Temptation

My sock and I are at the heel, which is making it seriously difficult not to want to browse other projects.

SAMSUNGI’m persevering,  though! This is the problem, and the best part, of being a monogamous knitter. I complete the projects that I start, but am always sorely tempted to start something new. The trick is to use that itching for a pretty new project to propel you to finish the one on your needles. Every time I want to search Ravelry for something, I should just pick up my needles, instead! I’m hoping to finish this pair soon and move on. This is what’s awaiting me, calling my name:

SAMSUNGI can’t seem to knit quickly enough!


15 thoughts on “Knitting Temptation

  1. I’m like you too…I have only one project on the needles each time. I’m wondering though if I should start trying to put a few small projects on the works too while a big one is going on. Hmm….

  2. I admire your fidelity to one project! I currently have four on the go and at times it can feel suffocating. Add to that my sewing projects and it can get out of hand… but in a good way.

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