Giving In To Temptation

My sock and I are recovering from a brief break. It just got too hot to knit it here; 100% wool on size 1’s is seriously unpleasant in the hot, humid part of early May. It got put down for a little while and ignored as something much more pleasing to knit in the heat sprung off of my needles.


The temptation of that pretty skein of Tosh light got to be too much for me. It’s becoming an enchanting, fall colored Saroyan, knit on luxuriously large size 6 needles. It is soft as butter, airy, and I swear that each and every leaf brings me a new measure of joy. There’s something very satisfying about seeing them lined up in the increase section like this. It may be hot enough that I feel like I’m melting, but those leaves make up for it.

I don’t even feel bad that I’ve been unfaithful to the sock. Much. It was a pragmatic decision. I’m more productive this way. Absence makes the heart grow fonder. This is what I keep telling myself, but my monogamous knitter brain is prevailing. The scarf is being set aside for a little bit now that the heat is backing off, and I’ve told myself I can’t enjoy any more pretty little leaves until the foot of my sock is finished. I’m so close!

SAMSUNGI gave in to temptation a little bit, but now I’m just ready to be done with this sock!


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