Adventures in Monster Knitting

I’ve knit more than a dozen monsters, but they still don’t always go quite right. Their expressions, the stuffing, limb position, it can all be subtly tricky. Some times they come out right, sometimes they come out wrong. And what’s more, what I think is right for my monsters might be totally wrong for someone else’s. So sometimes, things like this happen:



Attack of the lumpy monsters!! This is a result of going too quickly while stuffing. I was in a rush and didn’t bother to place it correctly, or break it up into small tufts before putting it in. Once I saw the result, I couldn’t help but laugh. After taking everything out, breaking it down, and starting again, the result improved.



This is what Rebecca Danger’s Gort the Gym Bag Monster is supposed to look like! It only took a try or two to get him right. I’m super proud of him, though! This is another one of the monsters from her Big Book of Monsters that I hadn’t tried yet, but I’m glad I did! He’s simple and sweet, and I love the stripes.

Does anyone else struggle to get the details right on toy knits?


FO, Kind of

My camera arrived today! I’m seriously and irrevocably bonded with my sparkly new Nikon D3100. I’ll be adjusting to the world beyond point and shoots as a ween myself into manual mode over the next month. I finished up another monster pattern this week, and I broke out my new camera to get some photos!

June Camera 017

This photo shoot was quickly interrupted, though, by a nosy model who couldn’t stand to be ignored.

June Camera 012

The Pattern is Daphne and Delilah by Rebecca Danger. This is my second time around with this one. It’s too cute to resist, and pretty simple, too. This is my favorite introduction pattern when people are asking which one they should start with. Their mouths, I will admit, are a little wonky. I don’t have the magic touch when it comes to hot glue, so I need to try again.  I’ll take a second round with the pictures, too, when  Josie isn’t trying to crash the shoot.

June Camera 019

FO: Mystery Project

The identity of my mystery project can finally be revealed!



Isn’t he sweet? My goal for June is to build up my sister’s monster collection a little. She is an elementary school teacher, and the monsters live on her bookshelves so that they can be checked out by students as reading buddies. When we were cleaning out her classroom after the last day of school, though, I noticed her collection was looking a little paltry! We’re beefing it up with a new stock of monster buddies. This is Cecil the Computer Monster from Rebecca Danger’s Big Book of Monsters. This is my first time with this pattern, and it came together pretty quickly. I did a purl ridge mouth instead of a pick up stitch mouth, because this yarn splits like crazy and picking up with it is a nightmare. I love how toy patterns come together right in front of you. An arm, an ear, a smile, and the next thing you know you’ve got a smiling little creation!

What do you think about toy knitting? Do you find it rewarding, or too finicky to bother?

Bits and Pieces

The beginning of June was a tricky couple of weeks for me. I graduated university, moved, and changed jobs all in one weekend, which required a good lot of preparation. Now that I’m settled, unpacked, and starting to get organized, I can see what the upheaval did to my knitting.

I produced a few puffs:


A leaf or so on my Saroyan Scarf:


And a few inches on sock #2:


I’m itching to finish a project, but I’m finding myself to be finicky about it. I can’t decide which of these I want to work with. This is what happens when I work on too many projects at once! None of them get any progress because I get too excited about all of them in turn. Instead, I’ve started something new. A surprise project!


Any one care to make a guess about what it may be?