FO, Kind of

My camera arrived today! I’m seriously and irrevocably bonded with my sparkly new Nikon D3100. I’ll be adjusting to the world beyond point and shoots as a ween myself into manual mode over the next month. I finished up another monster pattern this week, and I broke out my new camera to get some photos!

June Camera 017

This photo shoot was quickly interrupted, though, by a nosy model who couldn’t stand to be ignored.

June Camera 012

The Pattern is Daphne and Delilah by Rebecca Danger. This is my second time around with this one. It’s too cute to resist, and pretty simple, too. This is my favorite introduction pattern when people are asking which one they should start with. Their mouths, I will admit, are a little wonky. I don’t have the magic touch when it comes to hot glue, so I need to try again.  I’ll take a second round with the pictures, too, when  Josie isn’t trying to crash the shoot.

June Camera 019


5 thoughts on “FO, Kind of

  1. I think that is the part about knitted toys that worries me the most…the faces and finishing! I once embroidered the face on a dog toy (which turned out great but still made me very nervous!) and sewed the body of a bunny off-centre, so he was always looking to the side.

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