F.O: Little Cotton Rabbit (x3)

Dear blog,

When last we spoke, I fessed up to a mild infatuation with Julie Williams’ Little Cotton Rabbits. I said things like, “I just need to knit a few dresses to get it out of my system,” and “They’re teaching me new skills!” We’ve had this conversation before. This is the conversation where I admit to going over the deep end with some pattern that I just can’t put down. Embarrassingly enough, it’s happening again. I’ve become obsessed with these little rabbits and little dresses, and am in serious need of some bunny rehab. But really, who can blame me? They’re so completely precious!


Obviously I need help. The white rabbit is my latest finished object, and I’ve named her Carroll. As ridiculous as this picture looks, I actually have to admit that since I took it this morning another dress has been added to the collection. It’s a sickness. All of the dresses come from the Seasonal Dresses pattern except for the pink feather and fan dress and the elephant dress. I figured the elephants from an outside chart, and added them to the basic dress pattern.


I’m really pleased with how my white rabbit turned out. Just fuzzy enough, and just fluffy enough. She’s knit out of sport weight, though, so she’s the smallest of the bunch, but the dresses still fit her well enough.

I feel like admitting my problem is the first step to recovery, so hopefully when we speak next I’ll have moved on to something new.  No promises, though. These bunnies are pretty irresistible. I don’t recommend buying the pattern if you, like me, are susceptible to the charms of little embroidered smiles and tiny buttons. I’m sure I’ll kick this one eventually, but with my luck it’ll be the day before Julie publishes her next animal pattern, which is sure to be just as sweet as the first.

Wish me luck!


19 thoughts on “F.O: Little Cotton Rabbit (x3)

  1. Noooo!!! Bunnies everywhere! Cute widdle bunnehs! I know if I don’t stop looking I will be bitten by the bug too and bunnies will be multiplying in my house. Seriously though, your bunnies are gorgeous! Well done.

  2. They are so adorable! I love the dresses with the hearts and the elephants. 🙂 And you don’t need to kick the bunny-making habit, they’re sweet and it makes you happy, so I say knit them with pride 😀

  3. They are absolutely wonderful. I don’t think you should worry about the habit – if they make you happy! are they for some lucky little girl? I might have to make one for my niece!

  4. How cute! But seriously, stop showing me the bunnies! They are just too lovely an if I’m not careful I will have to make one, two or a whole family (what is the collective noun for bunnies?)! Help!

  5. I keep thinking that I should make something like that with my leftover yarn, but being addicted to socks is bad enough. I don’t think I want to be caught in Bunny Mode. Well, maybe one of these days. Have you seen the Alan Dart collection? It blows my mind!

  6. The whole family ! I have *never* seen anything as cute as these ! Well, maybe few little girls I know… for whom I really am considering these bunnies. Thank you for a tempting post !

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