Visible Progress!

The squares on my Fireside Afghan are finally all knit, and I have some visible progress to show off!

DSC_0131I’ve begun to sew the blocks together! After investigating a variety of techniques, I finally settled on one that pleased me. I have about half of the rows sewn together. The question of how to finish this project is beginning to loom overhead, though. I think I’d like to back it, and I’ve purchased a warm grey fleece blanket for that specific purpose. But how do I want to do that? I’ve seen a variety of pretty blankets that were bound like a traditional quilt, and others that had the backing whip stitched on so that it’s not visible from the front. Others have lovely rolled hems. I’m not sure what I want to do, but right now I’m looking at a million tutorials and weighing my options.

DSC_0125Does anyone have advice about how to finish off blankets? Preferred techniques or horror stories? Any tips or hints are welcome!



3 thoughts on “Visible Progress!

  1. Looks fab! I’ve only made one blanket which didn’t need a backing as it was knitted in Superchunky yarn and wasn’t made of squares, just a big rectangle of bramble stitch with log cabin style garter stitch edges, so I’m not much help I’m afraid. I’m sure it will look lovely no matter how you finish it off 😊

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