Feelings of Accomplishment

Knit in a month, finished in two, I finally have pictures of my complete blanket.




Have I mentioned lately how difficult it is to get good pictures of big projects? I’m still working on getting better pictures of this one. I’m beyond pleased with the results, though.

Thankfully, this frees up my time for the smaller projects that I’ve been craving.

DSC_0400I’ve been churning out small projects one after another recently as though my life depends on it. I love these mittens, and I can’t wait to knit another pair. Cable-y, smooshy, delightful socks are next. After that, another large project looms on the horizon, but hopefully I’ll be ready for it before the yarn arrives. Fall always feels like the best time of year to be a knitter to me, and this year hasn’t been a disappointment!


Visible Progress!

The squares on my Fireside Afghan are finally all knit, and I have some visible progress to show off!

DSC_0131I’ve begun to sew the blocks together! After investigating a variety of techniques, I finally settled on one that pleased me. I have about half of the rows sewn together. The question of how to finish this project is beginning to loom overhead, though. I think I’d like to back it, and I’ve purchased a warm grey fleece blanket for that specific purpose. But how do I want to do that? I’ve seen a variety of pretty blankets that were bound like a traditional quilt, and others that had the backing whip stitched on so that it’s not visible from the front. Others have lovely rolled hems. I’m not sure what I want to do, but right now I’m looking at a million tutorials and weighing my options.

DSC_0125Does anyone have advice about how to finish off blankets? Preferred techniques or horror stories? Any tips or hints are welcome!


WIP: Fireside Afghan

…And so the blanket saga continues. I feel pretty boring right now, as far as knitting goes. I’ve been churning out a block or two for my blanket per day, and I’ve just crossed the halfway point. I have 19.5 squares complete out of 36. It’s still charming me, and I’m not quite bored yet, but I’m quickly approaching the point where the only blocks that I have left to complete are the ones that I like the look of, but that I enjoy the actual knitting of less.


Here are my stacks of blocks! By the end I should have three of each, and 18 of the lattice block. The Argyle and the Aran blocks are done, and I’m making progress on the rest. 

One important lesson that I’ve learned: Duplicate Stitch is significantly slower for me than fair isle is. The snowflake block is supposed to be done in Duplicate Stitch. I did the first one in fair isle, but on the second I decided to try out the novel concept of actually following the instructions as written. It took me three times as long. It is a little tidier, and I can see how I would use it sparingly in the future, but for a big motif like this one it was not worth the time it took!

A New Blanket Saga

Last year I took on a 12 in 12 challenge. The goal was to approach 12 types of projects that had previously intimidated me. I mostly succeeded. The brightest success that involved the most blood, sweat, and tears, though, was my 2012 blanket.


It took me forever. I hated it. I occasionally wanted to burn it. I swear that I remember having these thoughts and feelings, but now, a year after completing that project, all I can think about is how much  I want a new blanket. I love the final results of my last one, and when it got chilly this week I pulled it out of the cupboard, spread it on my bed, and went out to buy some yarn.



The new blanket it coming along well. It’s the Fireside blanket pattern by Nancy Bush, and I’m making good progress. I’m aiming for a 6X5 blanket, which makes 30 squares. As of yet, the WIP hate hasn’t set in yet. If I finish it in the next few months it’ll make an excellent birthday present to myself. Until then, I’m making the best out of my early momentum. I’ve blocked the first batch of squares, and despite my suspicion about blocking acrylic, it turned out well. I read a tutorial that said the secret was to pin it into place and then spray block it. The results were exactly what I was hoping!



Do ever get scared about taking on big projects, or is it just me?