Feelings of Accomplishment

Knit in a month, finished in two, I finally have pictures of my complete blanket.




Have I mentioned lately how difficult it is to get good pictures of big projects? I’m still working on getting better pictures of this one. I’m beyond pleased with the results, though.

Thankfully, this frees up my time for the smaller projects that I’ve been craving.

DSC_0400I’ve been churning out small projects one after another recently as though my life depends on it. I love these mittens, and I can’t wait to knit another pair. Cable-y, smooshy, delightful socks are next. After that, another large project looms on the horizon, but hopefully I’ll be ready for it before the yarn arrives. Fall always feels like the best time of year to be a knitter to me, and this year hasn’t been a disappointment!