F.O: A Monstrous Witch

My blanket and I are still struggling through the finishing stages. I’m being indecisive, but I’m moderately confident that I will, eventually, finish it.

Elsewhere in the land of finished objects, I’ve ushered in Autumn with my needles in the shape of a little witch. The body is Angus the Attic Monster, the hat and treat bag are hand stitched without a pattern, and the dress and shoes are from the Little Cotton Rabbits girl pattern.

DSC_0163The dress has little fair isle cats on it, with duplicate stitch yellow eyes. I’m pretty proud of her. She was a heck of a lot of fun to knit, and she represents all of my favorite parts of fall. She’s kooky, cute, and a touch of spooky. But because when the rain comes all I want to do is knit, I have a second finished object to share as well!

DSC_0141Another squishy Wisp! This one is made from Debbie Bliss Party Angel, which has a truly lovely amount of sparkle to it. I used about a skein and a half, or around 300 yards, and a row of little metal buttons along one edge. I love this pattern, and I love this yarn.

Hopefully I’ll have some more finished objects to share soon! How’s your fall knitting coming along?